Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photoshop font effects - Ice text

Build a new grayscale image to 340x120 as an example. Set the background is white, the outlook is black. Text font should be chosen thicker font, so get better effect.

The selected text and press Ctrl + Shift + I will be partially reverses the constituency. Layer / Flatten Image after the Filter / Pixelate / Crystallize set 10.

Select / Inverse; Filter / Noise / Add Noise parameter 70/Gaussian

Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur, Status of 2.0.

Use Image / Adjust / Curve image processing, set the parameters as follows.

Get rid of electoral boundaries, and select Image / Map / Invert; Image/Rotate/90 CW; Filter / Stylize / Wind ... (left); Image/Rotate/90 CCW; Mode / RGB Color; Image / Adjust / Hue / Saturatiom ..., select Colorize and set Hue to -175

Click the right arrow in the Brush Palette, into Assorted brushes, using Paintbrush tool can be a number of glittering points.

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