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COREL KNOCKOUT matting examples Guide (6)

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Lesson: the edge of defect repair

This lesson introduces how to repair defects in the edge matting, you will be able to:
* How to clear the edge of complementary color;
* In the complementary color at the same time, how to enlarge the region;
* The image;
* Test treatment effect;
* Enter the background image, the preview image synthesis.
This lesson plan is generated under the matting (added background image):

1. Input file
1. Click the menu FILEOPEN;
2. To find installation path;
4. Double-click the file SYRINGE.CKO;
5. Click the menu EDITPROCESS.
If the constituency line is hidden, click the menu VIEWSHOW ALL, show all constituencies line.
2. For being too thin and the edge of complementary color fade
Sometimes, because the edge of the object is too thin, or the pigment is not clear, matting, the edge will be that "ignore" out, thus affecting the matting effect, the edge using COREL KNOCKOUT complementary color feature, you can type perfect repair defects.
The figure is a need to fill color in this case the area:

In this case, because the internal constituencies line through the area a darker hair than normal number of areas, so, in dealing with image, the foreground region, the value has not been effectively preserved, the formation of defects. The object from the future appropriate area to take color, color value and then added to the defects in the region to repair defects. use of amplification, can click the fill color region is more accurate. deal with images, you can enter a different background image, in order to test the treatment effect .
1. Click the Tools within the syringe;
2. Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking the left mouse button to get the location of color, as shown below, extract the location of the color value.
3. Click the L button to activate a small magnifying glass;
4. In accordance with the location shown below, click the mouse several times in the defective parts, the defects in the region complementary color;

5. Click the L button again to restore the normal view, if you want to delete a complementary color point, you need to press the ALT key and hold, then dotted with a circle around the mouse, release the left mouse button, you can delete it.
6. Click the menu EDITPROCESS;
7. Can perform the "ORIGINAL", "KNOCKEDOUT" or "ALPHA" command, respectively, see images of different states.
3. Fill light
In this case, because the backlight reasons, some of the edges of the hair in the process would "disgrace" or lose their original high optical properties, the next figure shows this type of defect. Using COREL KNOCKOUT's within the syringe, can easily be lost in the high-light the value of repair.
1. Extract zoom tool, click the right edge of the object;
2. Click the Tools button within the syringe;
3. Press the CTRL key and hold, then follow the location shown below, click at high optical Department learned the value of high-light color;

4. Click the menu EDITORIGINAL, display the original image;
5. Discreditable defect location, click the mouse a few times and note the defects fill light color, right click on the next map location:

6. Click EDITPROCESS, processing images;
7. Click the menu VIEW, each implementation of the "ORIGINAL", "KNOCKEDOUT" or "ALPHA" command, view the images under different conditions.
4. Add Background
By adding a background image, you can preview the object has been taken to pull in a different background image in the display.

1. In the foil color panel, click on "IMAGE" button;
2. In the resulting pop-up window, click on the background image files to be imported;
3. Click the menu WINDOWFIT WINDOW (window matching);
4. Click the menu VIEWHIDE ALL, hide all constituencies line to get a better view effect.
5. Save the output
Save to later re-processing, the output is to be matting applied to other image processing, editing program. Specific operations with the previous lessons, no description.

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